Acer Laptop Computer PC UM.IG6SS.006 vs HP J1L07UP

Acer NX.M7CEU.027, it is a good laptop for working from home.

HP ZBook 15 G6 7XV17LA AC Adapter Charger

   HP ZBook 15 G6 7XV17LA   AC Adapter Charger

We also recommend the Lenovo Laptop for business as below:
20MU000GMC 20MV0000IW 20RA004ARI 20KN003CCY 20Q50027ML 20LW003AUE 20LW003FCX 20MD000DCY 20M9001WUE 20QN0006GE 20QN004PIW 20QR002MCX 20HE002XTH 20NX007FMD 20L9001WSP 20HN005SAT 20Q0003VPG 81N6006DGE 81N600CGIV 81UE006NIX ZA150178KR 81AX017CLT 81AX019TPE 81RG0024PE 11DU0005MN 11CD004PIU

Lenovo SA10E75834 AC Adapter Charger

 Lenovo SA10E75834 AC Adapter Charger

The AC Adapter Charger is of good quality. The price is the best.

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