Microsoft Surface 13W Charger Model 1623

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DC Output Via USB plug  5.2V@1.5A=13W

For Microsoft Surface 1631

130 reviews for Microsoft Surface 13W Charger Model 1623

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  1. My laptop was always iffy on wanting to charge when plugged in,
    which when on for a few months before it decided on not wanting to charge at all. It would then only work when it was plugged in. I eventually realized that it was the charger and that it needed to be replaced. I had the original one from purchasing my laptop about one year ago. Hoping this one lasts for that long if not longer as well.

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  2. Works perfectly on a Microsoft Surface 3.

    I tried using standard micro USB phone cables. They would work, but were very positional. I was worried that the actual charging jack might have been the issue.

    This clicks in place nice and tight and charges it fast.

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  3. I couldn’t find a mini USB that would charge the tablet and was dead serious about buying a new surface laptop. Decided to order this charger just to help confirm the problem was with the tablet. I was please to see the charger was the issue and this solved the problem. I recommend!

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  4. Work like a charm

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  5. Great replacement or spare cord

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  6. Great Surface Charger, Definitely Recommend

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  7. it is not easy to get the right power adapter. Searched by model number and finally got this one. It is solid and good.

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  8. Excellent, got two of these and they work really well with my computer.

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  9. Great product and good buy.

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