Original Lenovo 45W 20V 2.25A USB C AC Adapter Charger

For Lenovo ThinkPad L390 20NR001DEU

(130 customer reviews)


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AC Power Input: 100-250V 50-60HZ

DC Output via USB-C: 20V@2.25A  5V@2A 9V@2A  15V@3A  45W Max

Warranty: 12 months

Package :

1 X AC-DC Adapter Brick

1 X AC Power Plug

The Lenovo 45W 20V 2.25A USB C AC Adapter Charger is specifically designed for Lenovo Laptops and other USB-C enabled devices, making it the perfect solution for efficient and quick charging. This charger is equipped with a powerful 45W output that ensures your device is charged in no time.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for Lenovo Laptops: This charger is specifically designed for Lenovo Laptops, ensuring the best possible charging experience.
  • 45W Output: With its powerful 45W output, you can quickly charge your Lenovo Laptop or other USB-C enabled devices.
  • USB-C Compatibility: The USB-C compatibility of this charger makes it the perfect solution for fast and efficient charging for all your USB-C enabled devices.
  • Compact Design: The compact design of this charger makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, making it the perfect solution for work or travel.

This Lenovo 45W 20V 2.25A USB C AC Adapter Charger is the ideal solution for anyone looking to charge their Lenovo Laptop or other USB-C enabled devices quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, you can rest assured that your device will be fully charged in no time. So, don’t wait, get your hands on this charger today and never worry about a dead battery again!

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130 reviews for Original Lenovo 45W 20V 2.25A USB C AC Adapter Charger

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  1. If you’re experiencing a failure to charge your computer, look at the battery of your computer or the back panel. It should tell you what amount of current is needed to charge the battery. Don’t just look at the manual. Best part is that even though I informed customer service of my error they let me keep the new replacement charger. So the product overall works great once I used the correct head and checked the current needed to charge my computer. Since there may be multiple heads that are the same that fits your charging port of the computer but will not provide sufficient current to charge your computer or may provide too much that could damage it.

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  2. Replaced burnout old charger

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  3. It was described and arrived on time

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  4. Works well

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  5. 2 previous cheaper ones I ordered would not work with my laptop, even though seller said they would. They would power unit but not charge battery, It would get “charger not recognized” message even though they claimed to be the correct chargers. This one cost more but it works.

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  6. It’s nice to have a second power supply so I don’t have to get behind furniture and unplug it every time I want to take my laptop to a different floor of the house for more than a couple hours. It’s literally exactly the same as the cord that came with it.A bit pricey, but then again, I know it won’t melt my laptop or start a fire or something.

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  7. I needed a second AC adapter for my laptop when our ‘work from home’ guideline at work became a ‘work from home sometimes’ edict. Being lazy, I figured having one power brick (adapter) at home and another one at work would mean I’d not be lugging one around and crawling under my desk to get it running when I was there. It was a good choice and the one I ordered (twin of the one that came with my laptop) was priced right and arrived early, so what’s not to like?

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  8. The second order of 80 adapters came on time. Thank you!

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  9. Great Product and Value for the money spent.

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  10. Bought 60 adapters for my company. Arrived quickly and they work great. Recommend! Will place a second order of 80 adapters soon

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  11. I just received it and for me it doesn’t work at all
    Try to charge my lenovo laptop but nothing happens 🙁

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  12. I needed an extra charger for my laptop and this for sure came in clutch and works AMAZINGLY !!! Good quality and it charges my laptop pretty fast..faster than my original laptop charger!! This charger will most definitely become my primary charger that I use daily . I needed this badly since i bring my laptop everywhere and only had one charger & shipping was pretty fast as well ! Would definitely recommend anyone to purchase this..

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  13. This product replaced the original charger to perfection. It came rapidly from the shipper and seems to be very well built and flexible to avoid wear and tear. we have had this in use for quite some time and it fits the bill. I Give the experience a 5 thumbs up.

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  14. This worked perfectly for my PC. I was unable to turn on it for months. At first thinking it was my battery, I bought a new battery and it still didn’t work. I wasn’t sure this specific adaptor would work because my PC is no longer being manufactured. But it turns out it was a perfect fit.

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  15. My laptop was always iffy on wanting to charge when plugged in,
    which when on for a few months before it decided on not wanting to charge at all. It would then only work when it was plugged in. I eventually realized that it was the charger and that it needed to be replaced. I had the original one from purchasing my laptop about one year ago. Hoping this one lasts for that long if not longer as well.

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  16. Great Lenovo Charger, Definitely Recommend

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  17. I am so happy I finally got this charger. If you ever get your battery run down and have trouble charging, don’t spend years “baby-ing” your old charger by trying to change walls to plug into. This is what was recommended and worked for a time – but totally miserable. This charger worked quickly and made me so happy!! This is a good product. Get a new battery at the same time if you are worried.

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  18. Work like a charm

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  19. Built well, and works perfectly. I see no functional differences between this power supply and the OEM that came with the laptop. I was skeptical because the price was so low, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. I’d recommend this product to friends and family without hesitation!

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  20. The charger arrived as promised. It got my laptop up and running and charging was completed as I expected. I feel confident getting this charger as opposed to a compatible charger that came with my refurbished computer.

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