Lenovo 300W 20V 15A AC Adapter Charger – Slim USB Tip-Yellow

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AC Input  100V-250V 50-60 Hz

DC Output 300W   20V@15A via Slim Tip-USB Yellow


Introducing the Lenovo 300W 20V 15A AC Adapter Charger, the ultimate power solution for your Lenovo laptop. With its sleek and compact design, this adapter is easy to carry and fits perfectly in your laptop bag.

This powerful adapter provides a reliable source of power, delivering 300W of power at 20V and 15A to keep your laptop running smoothly. Whether you’re working on important projects or enjoying your favorite entertainment, you can trust that your laptop will stay charged and ready for anything.

With advanced safety features, this adapter provides protection against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits, ensuring that your laptop stays safe and secure. You can use it with confidence, knowing that your laptop is protected against any potential risks.

We strongly encourage you to place your order for the Lenovo 300W 20V 15A AC Adapter Charger as soon as possible. Due to its high demand and limited availability, this product may sell out quickly. Don’t miss your chance to own this essential accessory for your Lenovo laptop.

In fact, we recommend that you buy two adapters so you can have a backup in case of emergencies. Having a spare adapter ensures that you’re always prepared for any situation and never have to worry about running out of power.

Invest in the Lenovo 300W 20V 15A AC Adapter Charger today and experience the ultimate in power and convenience for your Lenovo laptop. With its reliable performance, advanced safety features, and sleek design, it’s the perfect accessory for anyone who values quality and convenience.

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Lenovo Legion 5 15ACH6A-82NW:

82NW0001MX 82NW0003US 82NW0004US 82NW0006US 82NW0007US 82NW0008MX 82NW000ALM 82NW000BCL 82NW000CAR 82NW000EMX 82NW000FCL 82NW000GCL 82NW000HCL 82NW000JCL 82NW000MMX 82NW000NMX 82NW000PMX 82NW000QUK 82NW000RUK 82NW000TCL 82NW000UCL 82NW000VCL 82NW000WFR 82NW000YCK 82NW0014FR 82NW0016ID 82NW0017GE 82NW0018GE 82NW0019RK 82NW001ARK 82NW001BRK 82NW001CRK 82NW001DRK 82NW001HRU 82NW001JRU 82NW001KVN 82NW001LSB 82NW001MVN 82NW001NPB 82NW001PPB 82NW001QPB 82NW001RPB 82NW001SPB 82NW001TPB 82NW001UPB 82NW001VPB 82NW001WPB 82NW001XPB 82NW001YPB 82NW0020PB 82NW0021PB 82NW0022PB 82NW0023PB 82NW0024PB 82NW0025TA 82NW0026GE 82NW0027GE 82NW0028UK 82NW0029UK 82NW002CBM 82NW002DBM 82NW002EBM 82NW002FBM 82NW002GBM 82NW002HIX 82NW002JAX 82NW002KAD 82NW002LSA 82NW002MPH 82NW002SJP 82NW002TJP 82NW002UJP 82NW002VJP 82NW002YSP 82NW0031SP 82NW0032GE 82NW0034MX 82NW0035RK 82NW003BVN 82NW003CVN 82NW003FMH 82NW003GMH 82NW003HSB 82NW003JSB 82NW003KSB 82NW0040FR 82NW004EAX 82NW004FAX 82NW004KED 82NW004LED 82NW004MED 82NW0051FR 82NW0052FR

Lenovo Legion 5 15ACH6H-82JU:

82JU0007TA 82JU000DSB 82JU000ETA 82JU000FGE 82JU000GGE 82JU000HGE 82JU000JGE 82JU000KGE 82JU000MLM 82JU000NCL 82JU000PLM 82JU000QCL 82JU000RAR 82JU000TRK 82JU000URK 82JU000VRK 82JU000WRK 82JU000XRU 82JU000YRU 82JU0010RU 82JU0011RU 82JU0012FR 82JU0013FR 82JU0015FR 82JU0016SC 82JU0017SC 82JU0018SC 82JU0019ID 82JU001BMX 82JU001CMX 82JU001DMX 82JU001EMX 82JU001FMX 82JU001GMX 82JU001HMX 82JU001JMX 82JU001KMX 82JU001LMX 82JU001MMX 82JU001NFR 82JU001PRE 82JU001QRE 82JU001RGE 82JU001SFR 82JU001TMX 82JU001UMX 82JU001VMX 82JU001WMX 82JU001XMX 82JU001YMX 82JU0020MX 82JU0021MX 82JU0022YA 82JU0023YA 82JU0024YA 82JU0025YA 82JU0026MX 82JU0027MX 82JU0028MX 82JU0029MX 82JU002AMX 82JU002BMX 82JU002CMX 82JU002DMX 82JU002FRE 82JU002GMX 82JU002HMX 82JU002KSC 82JU002LSC 82JU002MSC 82JU002NSC 82JU002PFR 82JU002QMX 82JU002RMX 82JU002SHV 82JU002THV 82JU002UHV 82JU002VUK 82JU002WUK 82JU002XUK 82JU002YUK 82JU0030AU 82JU0031SP 82JU0032SP 82JU0033PH 82JU0034PH 82JU0035BM 82JU0036BM 82JU0037BM 82JU0038BM 82JU0039CK 82JU003ACK 82JU003BCK 82JU003CCK 82JU003DCK 82JU003ECK 82JU003FCK 82JU003GMX 82JU003LSB 82JU003RGE 82JU003SGE 82JU003TSB 82JU003USB 82JU003VSB 82JU003WSB 82JU003XSB 82JU003YSB 82JU0040SB 82JU0041SB 82JU0042GM 82JU0043GM 82JU0044GM 82JU0045GM 82JU0046GM 82JU0047GM 82JU0048UK 82JU0049UK 82JU004ACC 82JU004BCC 82JU004CHH 82JU004DHH 82JU004EHH 82JU004FHH 82JU004GHH 82JU004HHH 82JU004JHH 82JU004KHH 82JU004LMJ 82JU004RMJ 82JU004TMX 82JU004UTA 82JU004VTA 82JU004WTA 82JU004XTA 82JU004YTA 82JU0050TA 82JU0051TA 82JU0052TA 82JU0053SB 82JU005DRK 82JU0055TW 82JU0056TW 82JU0057TW 82JU0058TW 82JU0059TW 82JU005ATW 82JU005BTW 82JU005CTW 82JU005ERK 82JU005FRU 82JU005GRU 82JU005HRU 82JU005JKR 82JU005KKR 82JU005LKR 82JU005MKR 82JU005NKR 82JU005PKR 82JU005QKR 82JU005RKR 82JU005SMJ 82JU005TMJ 82JU005UMJ 82JU005VMJ 82JU005WMJ 82JU005XMJ 82JU005YMJ 82JU0060MJ 82JU0061HH 82JU0062MZ 82JU0063MZ 82JU0064MZ 82JU0065RM 82JU0066RM 82JU0067RM 82JU0068RM 82JU0069SP 82JU006ASP 82JU006BGE 82JU006CGE 82JU006DUS 82JU006ETX 82JU006FRM 82JU006GRA 82JU006HRA 82JU006JMX 82JU006KMX 82JU006LRE 82JU006MCC 82JU006NUS 82JU006PUS 82JU006QUS 82JU006RPG 82JU006SPG 82JU006TPG 82JU006UPG 82JU006VPG 82JU006WPG 82JU006XPG 82JU006YUK 82JU0070HH 82JU0071MX 82JU0072MX 82JU0073MX 82JU0074MX 82JU0075MX 82JU0076MX 82JU0077MX 82JU0078MX 82JU0079MB 82JU007AMJ 82JU007BMX 82JU007CID 82JU007DID 82JU007EFR 82JU007FFR 82JU007GCY 82JU007HCY 82JU007JCY 82JU007KSP 82JU007LTA 82JU007MSP 82JU007NMX 82JU007PMX 82JU007RMZ 82JU007SRE 82JU007TRE 82JU007UMZ 82JU007VAX 82JU007WAX 82JU007YAX 82JU0080AX 82JU0081MH 82JU0082US 82JU0083MZ 82JU0084MZ 82JU0085MZ 82JU0086MZ 82JU0087MH 82JU0088MH 82JU0089MH 82JU008AMB 82JU008BMB 82JU008CMH 82JU008EMB 82JU008FMH 82JU008GMH 82JU008HMH 82JU008JMB 82JU008KMH 82JU008LMH 82JU008MMB 82JU008NMB 82JU008PMB 82JU008QMH 82JU008RPG 82JU008SPG 82JU008TPG 82JU008UJP 82JU008XJP 82JU008YGE 82JU0090GE 82JU0092GE 82JU0094RE 82JU0095RE 82JU0096RE 82JU0099GE 82JU009AGE 82JU009BCK 82JU009DFR 82JU009EGE 82JU009FMX 82JU009GCK 82JU009HSA 82JU009JSA 82JU009KSA 82JU009LSA 82JU009MSA 82JU009NKR 82JU009PKR 82JU009QCK 82JU009RMB 82JU009SMB 82JU009TMB 82JU009UMB 82JU009VPB 82JU009WPB 82JU009XPB 82JU009YPB 82JU00A0PB 82JU00A1PB 82JU00A2PB 82JU00A3PB 82JU00A4PB 82JU00A5PB 82JU00A6PB 82JU00A7PB 82JU00A8PB 82JU00A9PB 82JU00AAPB 82JU00ABPB 82JU00ACPB 82JU00ADPB 82JU00AEPB 82JU00AFPB 82JU00AGGE 82JU00AHGE 82JU00AJIX 82JU00AKIX 82JU00ALIX 82JU00AMFR 82JU00ANUK 82JU00APUS 82JU00AQUS 82JU00ARUS 82JU00ASMZ 82JU00ATMZ 82JU00AUMX 82JU00AVMX 82JU00AWUS 82JU00AYAX 82JU00B0AX 82JU00B1AX 82JU00B2BM 82JU00B3BM 82JU00B5BM 82JU00B6BM 82JU00B7BM 82JU00B8BM 82JU00B9BM 82JU00BABM 82JU00BBBM 82JU00BCMX 82JU00BDED 82JU00BEED 82JU00BFED 82JU00BGCL 82JU00BHCL 82JU00BJCL 82JU00BKCL 82JU00BLRK 82JU00BMRK 82JU00BNCL 82JU00BPRA 82JU00BQGE 82JU00BRGE 82JU00BTGE 82JU00BUAU 82JU00BVRK 82JU00BWRK 82JU00BXUS 82JU00BYSP 82JU00C0SP 82JU00C1HH 82JU00C2IN 82JU00C3IN 82JU00C4IN 82JU00C5GE 82JU00C6GE 82JU00C7MX 82JU00C8MX 82JU00C9MX 82JU00CAMX 82JU00CBFR 82JU00CCUK 82JU00CDUK 82JU00CELM 82JU00CFLM 82JU00CGHH 82JU00CHGE 82JU00CJFR 82JU00CKFR 82JU00CLGE 82JU00CMFR 82JU00CNPG 82JU00CPPG 82JU00CQPG 82JU00CRPG 82JU00CSPG 82JU00CTPG 82JU00CUJP 82JU00CVJP 82JU00CWJP 82JU00CXJP 82JU00CYSP 82JU00D0MB 82JU00D2LM 82JU00D3LM 82JU00D4MH 82JU00D5AU 82JU00D6KR 82JU00D7KR 82JU00D8KR 82JU00D9KR 82JU00DAKR 82JU00DBKR 82JU00DCKR 82JU00DDKR 82JU00DEBM 82JU00DFVN 82JU00DGVN 82JU00DHSB 82JU00DJSB 82JU00DKSB 82JU00DLRK 82JU00DMRK 82JU00DNRU 82JU00DPRU 82JU00DQGE 82JU00DRAX 82JU00DSAX 82JU00DTRE 82JU00DURE 82JU00DVRE 82JU00DWRE 82JU00DXRE 82JU00DYED 82JU00E0ED 82JU00E1SB 82JU00E2SB 82JU00E3FE 82JU00E4FE 82JU00E5FE 82JU00E6FE 82JU00E7FE 82JU00E8FE 82JU00E9FE 82JU00EATX 82JU00EBTX 82JU00ECMX 82JU00EDIV 82JU00EESB 82JU00EFIV 82JU00EHMH 82JU00EJFE 82JU00EKFR 82JU00EMFR 82JU00EQTX 82JU00ERTX 82JU00ESPH 82JU00ETFG 82JU00EUVN 82JU00EVLM 82JU00EXVN 82JU00EYMX 82JU00F6LT 82JU00F0ID 82JU00F1ID 82JU00F3SC 82JU00F4SC 82JU00F5LT 82JU00F7DT 82JU00F8DS 82JU00F9DS 82JU00FADT 82JU00FFHH 82JU00FGAU 82JU00FJFR 82JU00FKSB 82JU00FLMX 82JU00FQFR 82JU00FRFR 82JU00FSLT 82JU00FTLT 82JU00FULT 82JU00FVLT 82JU00FWFR 82JU00FXRM 82JU00FYMX 82JU00G1IX 82JU00G3RK 82JU00G5RK 82JU00G6RK 82JU00G7BM 82JU00G8SB 82JU00G9MX 82JU00GBMX 82JU00GDLM 82JU00GECL 82JU00GFAR 82JU00GGLM 82JU00GHCL 82JU00GJAR 82JU00GKSB 82JU00GLFG 82JU00GMFG 82JU00GNFG 82JU00GPFG 82JU00GQFG 82JU00GRFG 82JU00GSFG 82JU00GTAX 82JU00GUAX 82JU00GVPG 82JU00GWHH 82JU00GXHH 82JU00GYHH 82JU00H0HH 82JU00H1HH 82JU00H2TW 82JU00H3HH 82JU00H4TW 82JU00H5HH 82JU00H6TW 82JU00H7HH 82JU00H8TW 82JU00H9TW 82JU00HATW 82JU00HBTW 82JU00HCTW 82JU00HDTA 82JU00HETA 82JU00HFTA 82JU00HGTA 82JU00HHTA 82JU00HJTA 82JU00HKTA 82JU00HLTA 82JU00HMMJ 82JU00HNMJ 82JU00HPMJ 82JU00HQMJ 82JU00HRMJ 82JU00HSMJ 82JU00HTMJ 82JU00HUMJ 82JU00HVPB 82JU00J2PB 82JU00J4PB 82JU00J6PB 82JU00J7PB 82JU00J9PB 82JU00JAPB 82JU00JBPB 82JU00JCPB 82JU00JFPB 82JU00JGPB 82JU00JHPB 82JU00JKPB 82JU00JLPB 82JU00JQPB 82JU00JRPB 82JU00JSPB 82JU00JUPB 82JU00JVUK 82JU00JWMB 82JU00JXMB 82JU00K0SB 82JU00K1SB 82JU00K2SB 82JU00K3SB 82JU00K4SB 82JU00K5SB 82JU00K6SB 82JU00K7SB 82JU00KAED 82JU00KBED 82JU00KCED 82JU00KDAD 82JU00KECK 82JU00KFFR 82JU00KGIN 82JU00KHAD 82JU00KJAD 82JU00KKAD 82JU00KLAD 82JU00KMAD 82JU00KNFR 82JU00KPFR 82JU00KQFR 82JU00KRRU 82JU00KTSA 82JU00KVCK 82JU00L4SB 82JU00L5SB 82JU00L6AK 82JU00L7AK 82JU00L8SP 82JU00L9SP 82JU00LASB 82JU00LEID 82JU00LFSP 82JU00LXIN 82JU00LYSB 82JU00MJIX 82JU00MLFR 82JU00MPKR 82JU00MSCK 82JU00MTSB 82JU00NCKR 82JU00NDKR 82JU00NEKR 82JU00NFMX 82JU00NGMX 82JU00NHMX 82JU00NJSB 82JU00NKSB 82JU00NMFQ 82JU00NTAK 82JU00NUAK 82JU00NYIX 82JU00Q4CK 82JU00Q6MX 82JU00XAAX 82JU00Q8MX 82JU00Q9MZ 82JU00QBMZ 82JU00QCVN 82JU00QDVN 82JU00QFVN 82JU00T1SC 82JU00T2SC 82JU00VRKR 82JU00X9AX 82JU00XMKR 82JU00Y7KR 82JU00Y8KR 82JU00Y9KR 82JU00YCKR 82JU00YKRA 82JU00YLRA

Lenovo Legion 5 15ITH6H-82JH:

82JH0000US 82JH0001US 82JH0002US 82JH0003US 82JH0004US 82JH0005US 82JH0009JP 82JH000AJP 82JH000BJP 82JH000CJP 82JH000DJP 82JH000EJP 82JH000FJP 82JH000GJP 82JH000HFR 82JH000NSB 82JH000PRK 82JH000QRK 82JH000RRU 82JH000SRK 82JH000TRU 82JH000URU 82JH000VRU 82JH000WRU 82JH000XRK 82JH000YRU 82JH0010RK 82JH0011RK 82JH0012RK 82JH0014GE 82JH0016MX 82JH0017MX 82JH0019MX 82JH001AFR 82JH001BFR 82JH001EUK 82JH001GUK 82JH001JRK 82JH001MSC 82JH001NSC 82JH001RUK 82JH001TRK 82JH001URK 82JH001VRK 82JH001WRK 82JH0023SB 82JH0024SB 82JH0025SB 82JH0026SB 82JH0027SB 82JH0028TW 82JH0029TW 82JH002ATW 82JH002BTW 82JH002CTW 82JH002KMJ 82JH002LMJ 82JH002MMJ 82JH002NMJ 82JH002QTA 82JH002RTA 82JH002STA 82JH002TTA 82JH002UTA 82JH002XMB 82JH002YRE 82JH0030RE 82JH0033IX 82JH0035MH 82JH0036FE 82JH0037FE 82JH0039FE 82JH003AKR 82JH003BKR 82JH003CKR 82JH003DKR 82JH003EKR 82JH003FKR 82JH003GKR 82JH003HKR 82JH003JKR 82JH003KKR 82JH003LHH 82JH003MHH 82JH003NHH 82JH003PHH 82JH003QHH 82JH003RFE 82JH003SFE 82JH003TFE 82JH003UFE 82JH003VAX 82JH003WAX 82JH003XRE 82JH003YRE 82JH0040FG 82JH0041FG 82JH0042FG 82JH0043FG 82JH0044FG 82JH0045FG 82JH0046FG 82JH0047FG 82JH0049PH 82JH004CED 82JH004DED 82JH004EED 82JH004FED 82JH004HED 82JH004JED 82JH004KED 82JH004LED 82JH004PMZ 82JH004SPB 82JH004UPB 82JH004VPB 82JH004YPB 82JH0051PB 82JH0052PB 82JH0055PB 82JH0057PB 82JH0058PB 82JH005BPB 82JH005DPB 82JH005EPB 82JH005FRE 82JH005GRE 82JH005HRE 82JH005KAX 82JH005TFR 82JH005VFR 82JH005WRK 82JH005XAX 82JH0061CK 82JH0063CK 82JH0065KR 82JH0068KR 82JH0069KR 82JH006AKR 82JH006BKR 82JH006CKR 82JH006DKR 82JH006EKR 82JH006FKR 82JH006KCL 82JH006LCL 82JH006MCL 82JH006NCL 82JH006PTA 82JH006QED 82JH006RSA 82JH006SIX 82JH006UAK 82JH006VAK 82JH006WAX 82JH006YSP 82JH0070SP 82JH0071RK 82JH0073AU 82JH0076TA 82JH0077SP 82JH0078SP 82JH0089RK 82JH008AIN 82JH008CIX 82JH008DIX 82JH008FAU 82JH008NKR 82JH008PKR 82JH008QKR 82JH008RKR 82JH008SNZ 82JH008UMX 82JH008VMX 82JH008WMX 82JH008YMX 82JH0094RM 82JH0095RM 82JH0096FQ 82JH0097TA 82JH009FMX 82JH009GMX 82JH009HGE 82JH009KRK 82JH009LRK 82JH009MRK 82JH009NRK 82JH00A2MZ 82JH00A3MZ 82JH00A4LM 82JH00A5CL 82JH00A6AR 82JH00BQKR 82JH00BSKR 82JH00C3KR 82JH00CBKR 82JH00CFKR 82JH00CGKR 82JH00D0KR 82JH00DHKR 82JH00DJHH 82JH00DTKR 82JH00DVKR 82JH00DXKR 82JH00E8AX

Lenovo Legion 5 17ACH6H-82JY:

82JY0000GE 82JY0001GE 82JY0003GE 82JY0005GE 82JY0006RK 82JY0007RK 82JY0008RK 82JY000ARU 82JY000CRU 82JY000DRU 82JY000ESC 82JY000FSC 82JY000HMX 82JY000MMX 82JY000PGE 82JY000QYA 82JY000RYA 82JY000SYA 82JY000USC 82JY000VSC 82JY000WSC 82JY000XSC 82JY000YSC 82JY0010FR 82JY0011FR 82JY0013MX 82JY0014MX 82JY0015HV 82JY0016HV 82JY0017UK 82JY0018UK 82JY0019UK 82JY001AAU 82JY001CSP 82JY001DMX 82JY001ECK 82JY001FCK 82JY001GCK 82JY001HCK 82JY001JCK 82JY001KCK 82JY001LJP 82JY001MJP 82JY001XGE 82JY0020GE 82JY0021MH 82JY0022GM 82JY0023GM 82JY0025HH 82JY0026HH 82JY002AHH 82JY002BHH 82JY002LTA 82JY002MTA 82JY002NTA 82JY002RTA 82JY002SSB 82JY002UTW 82JY002VTW 82JY002YTW 82JY0031TW 82JY0032RU 82JY0033RU 82JY0035KR 82JY0036KR 82JY0039KR 82JY003BKR 82JY003DMJ 82JY003EMJ 82JY003HMJ 82JY003KMJ 82JY003MMZ 82JY003NMZ 82JY003PSP 82JY003UUS 82JY003WMX 82JY0040MX 82JY0041MX 82JY0042FR 82JY0043CY 82JY0046SB 82JY0047SB 82JY004CSB 82JY004DSB 82JY004EMX 82JY004FCY 82JY004GMZ 82JY004HUS 82JY004JMZ 82JY004KMZ 82JY004LMH 82JY004QGE 82JY004SGE 82JY004TCK 82JY004UCK 82JY004VFR 82JY004XMB 82JY004YMZ 82JY0050PB 82JY0051PB 82JY0052PB 82JY0053PB 82JY0054PB 82JY0055PB 82JY0056PB 82JY0057PB 82JY005CPB 82JY005DPB 82JY005EPB 82JY005FPB 82JY005GGE 82JY005HUS 82JY005JUS 82JY005KUS 82JY005LUS 82JY005MCC 82JY005PFR 82JY005RGE 82JY005TUS 82JY005UHH 82JY005VMX 82JY005WMX 82JY005XGE 82JY005YGE 82JY0060MX 82JY0062MX 82JY0063FR 82JY0064RK 82JY0066MX 82JY0067GE 82JY0068GE 82JY0069FR 82JY006AFR 82JY006CMX 82JY006EMX 82JY006FMX 82JY006GGE 82JY006KGE 82JY006MAU 82JY006PMZ 82JY006QGE 82JY006RGE 82JY006SBM 82JY006TBM 82JY006UBM 82JY006VBM 82JY006WBM 82JY006XYA 82JY006YYA 82JY0070KR 82JY0071KR 82JY0072KR 82JY0073KR 82JY0074PG 82JY0075PG 82JY0076GE 82JY0077RE 82JY0078RE 82JY0079RE 82JY007ARE 82JY007BMX 82JY007CSB 82JY007DSB 82JY007EMX 82JY007FHV 82JY007GSC 82JY007HRM 82JY007KYA 82JY007LYA 82JY007MGE 82JY007PMB 82JY007QSC 82JY007UHH 82JY007XTX 82JY007YFR 82JY0083MX 82JY0084CY 82JY0085RK 82JY0086RK 82JY0087IV 82JY0088IV 82JY0089TA 82JY008AHH 82JY008KTA 82JY008BHH 82JY008CHH 82JY008DHH 82JY008ETW 82JY008FTW 82JY008GTW 82JY008HTW 82JY008JTA 82JY008LTA 82JY008MMJ 82JY008NMJ 82JY008QMJ 82JY008RPB 82JY008SPB 82JY008TPB 82JY008UPB 82JY008VPB 82JY008WPB 82JY008XSB 82JY008YSB 82JY0090SB 82JY0091SB 82JY0092IV 82JY0093IV 82JY0094AK 82JY009ARM 82JY009BFR 82JY009LTA 82JY009MMJ 82JY009NMJ 82JY009PMJ 82JY009QMJ 82JY009VFQ 82JY00A1AK 82JY00A2TA 82JY00A3TA 82JY00A4HH 82JY00A5TW 82JY00A6TW 82JY00A7TW 82JY00A8TW 82JY00ABHH 82JY00ACHH 82JY00ADHH 82JY00AYMZ 82JY00B1CL 82JY00B2AR 82JY00E5SB 82JY00E6AX 82JY00EEKR 82JY00EGKR
Lenovo Legion 5 17ITH6H-82JM_ 82JM0001US 82JM0002US 82JM0003BM 82JM0004BM 82JM0005BM 82JM0006BM 82JM0007BM 82JM0008BM 82JM000AFR 82JM000CRK 82JM000DRU 82JM000ERU 82JM000GGE 82JM000JRM 82JM000KRM 82JM000LRM 82JM000MHV 82JM000NHV 82JM000PHV 82JM000QUK 82JM000TGM 82JM000VSC 82JM000WSC 82JM000XSC 82JM000YSC 82JM0010GE 82JM0012TX 82JM0013TX 82JM0014MB 82JM0015CY 82JM001BRK 82JM001CRK 82JM001DRK 82JM001GRU 82JM001HUK 82JM001KCK 82JM001LCK 82JM001QSP 82JM001RIV 82JM001VIV 82JM0020RM 82JM0021RM 82JM0022RM 82JM0027MX 82JM002AMX 82JM002EMZ 82JM002JAX

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16ACH6H-82JQ:

82JQ000BSB 82JQ000LUK 82JQ000PRK 82JQ000QRK 82JQ000RRK 82JQ000SRK 82JQ000TRK 82JQ000URK 82JQ000VRU 82JQ000WRU 82JQ000XRU 82JQ000YRU 82JQ0010RU 82JQ0011RU 82JQ0012RU 82JQ0013RU 82JQ0014RU 82JQ0015RK 82JQ0016RK 82JQ0017RK 82JQ0018FR 82JQ0019FR 82JQ001AFR 82JQ001GGE 82JQ001JGE 82JQ001KFR 82JQ001LFR 82JQ001NID 82JQ001PGE 82JQ001RFR 82JQ001WPH 82JQ001XPH 82JQ0021YA 82JQ0022YA 82JQ0026SC 82JQ0027SC 82JQ002CAU 82JQ002DAU 82JQ002FBM 82JQ002JCK 82JQ002MJP 82JQ002NJP 82JQ002PJP 82JQ002RJP 82JQ002WSB 82JQ002YSB 82JQ0034GE 82JQ0035SB 82JQ0036GM 82JQ0037HH 82JQ0038HH 82JQ0039HH 82JQ003AHH 82JQ003BHH 82JQ003CHH 82JQ003DHH 82JQ003HHH 82JQ003JHH 82JQ003KKR 82JQ003LKR 82JQ003PMJ 82JQ003QMJ 82JQ003TMJ 82JQ003UMJ 82JQ003XMJ 82JQ0041MJ 82JQ0042TA 82JQ0043TA 82JQ0044TA 82JQ0045TA 82JQ0046TA 82JQ0047TA 82JQ0049TA 82JQ004DTA 82JQ004ESB 82JQ004FTW 82JQ004GTW 82JQ004HTW 82JQ004JTW 82JQ004KTW 82JQ004LTW 82JQ004MTW 82JQ004NTW 82JQ004PTW 82JQ004QTW 82JQ004RTW 82JQ004STW 82JQ004TUK 82JQ004UKR 82JQ004VKR 82JQ004WKR 82JQ004XKR 82JQ004YKR 82JQ0051KR 82JQ0052KR 82JQ0054KR 82JQ0055KR 82JQ0056MJ 82JQ0057MJ 82JQ0058MJ 82JQ0059MJ 82JQ005AMJ 82JQ005BMJ 82JQ005DMJ 82JQ005GMJ 82JQ005HMJ 82JQ005LHH 82JQ005MJP 82JQ005NJP 82JQ005PJP 82JQ005QJP 82JQ005RTW 82JQ005TRM 82JQ005VGE 82JQ005XIN 82JQ005YVN 82JQ0060IX 82JQ0061IX 82JQ0062IN 82JQ0063TX 82JQ0067US 82JQ0068US 82JQ0069HH 82JQ006EUS 82JQ006FID 82JQ006GID 82JQ006NLM 82JQ006QCY 82JQ006STA 82JQ006USB 82JQ006VSB 82JQ006XSB 82JQ0070SB 82JQ0072SB 82JQ0074SB 82JQ0079MX 82JQ007AAU 82JQ007DIX 82JQ007FAX 82JQ007LMH 82JQ007QMB 82JQ007UMH 82JQ007XMB 82JQ0086MH 82JQ0088RK 82JQ0089RK 82JQ008DGE 82JQ008FCK 82JQ008GPG 82JQ008HUK 82JQ008JUS 82JQ008KUS 82JQ008LHH 82JQ008NUS 82JQ008TUS 82JQ008UBM 82JQ008VBM 82JQ008WBM 82JQ0091AX 82JQ0093TA 82JQ0097US 82JQ0099SP 82JQ009BHH 82JQ009DIN 82JQ009EIN 82JQ009KSB 82JQ009NSB 82JQ009PSB 82JQ009QSB 82JQ009SGE 82JQ009URU 82JQ009VMX 82JQ009WLM 82JQ009YIV 82JQ00A0IV 82JQ00A1IV 82JQ00A2IV 82JQ00A3IV 82JQ00A4IV 82JQ00A5IV 82JQ00A6IV 82JQ00A7IV 82JQ00A8IV 82JQ00A9IV 82JQ00AAIV 82JQ00ABSB 82JQ00ACAU 82JQ00ADSB 82JQ00AESB 82JQ00AFRK 82JQ00AGRK 82JQ00AHRU 82JQ00AJRU 82JQ00AKMX 82JQ00ALMX 82JQ00AMAD 82JQ00ATMX 82JQ00ANAD 82JQ00APGE 82JQ00AQGE 82JQ00ARFR 82JQ00ASMX 82JQ00AURM 82JQ00AVRM 82JQ00AWRM 82JQ00AXRM 82JQ00AYRM 82JQ00B0RM 82JQ00B1RM 82JQ00B2HV 82JQ00B3HV 82JQ00B4MX 82JQ00B5MX 82JQ00B6SC 82JQ00B7RM 82JQ00B8GM 82JQ00B9GM 82JQ00BAGM 82JQ00BCSB 82JQ00BDYA 82JQ00BEYA 82JQ00BFMX 82JQ00BGID 82JQ00BHID 82JQ00BJSC 82JQ00BKDT 82JQ00BLDT 82JQ00BMHH 82JQ00BNSA 82JQ00BQIX 82JQ00BRIX 82JQ00BSFR 82JQ00BTLT 82JQ00BULT 82JQ00BVBM 82JQ00BWBM 82JQ00BXBM 82JQ00BYBM 82JQ00C0BM 82JQ00C1TA 82JQ00C3CK 82JQ00C4CK 82JQ00C5CY 82JQ00C6IX 82JQ00C7RK 82JQ00C8RK 82JQ00C9LM 82JQ00CACL 82JQ00CBAR 82JQ00CCTA 82JQ00CDCY 82JQ00CETA 82JQ00CFGE 82JQ00CGPG 82JQ00CHPG 82JQ00CJTW 82JQ00CKTW 82JQ00CLTW 82JQ00CMTW 82JQ00CNHH 82JQ00CPHH 82JQ00CQHH 82JQ00CRHH 82JQ00CSTA 82JQ00CTTA 82JQ00CUTA 82JQ00CVTA 82JQ00CWHH 82JQ00CXHH 82JQ00CYHH 82JQ00D0HH 82JQ00D1TW 82JQ00D2TW 82JQ00D3TW 82JQ00D4TW 82JQ00D5TA 82JQ00D6TA 82JQ00D7TA 82JQ00D8MJ 82JQ00D9MJ 82JQ00DATA 82JQ00DBMJ 82JQ00DCMJ 82JQ00DDSB 82JQ00DEMJ 82JQ00DFMJ 82JQ00DGMJ 82JQ00DHMJ 82JQ00DJFE 82JQ00DKFE 82JQ00DLFE 82JQ00DNFE 82JQ00DPFE 82JQ00DQSB 82JQ00DRSB 82JQ00DSSB 82JQ00DTSB 82JQ00DUSB 82JQ00DVSB 82JQ00DWSB 82JQ00DXSB 82JQ00DYFG 82JQ00E0FG 82JQ00E1FG 82JQ00E2FG 82JQ00E3FG 82JQ00E4FG 82JQ00E5ED 82JQ00E6HH 82JQ00E7PB 82JQ00E8PB 82JQ00EAPB 82JQ00EBPB 82JQ00EDAD 82JQ00EEAD 82JQ00EFSA 82JQ00EGSA 82JQ00EHSA 82JQ00EKSB 82JQ00EMCK 82JQ00ENCK 82JQ00EPED 82JQ00EQED 82JQ00ERED 82JQ00ESED 82JQ00ETPG 82JQ00EUKR 82JQ00EVGE 82JQ00EWPB 82JQ00EXPB 82JQ00EYPB 82JQ00F0SB 82JQ00F1IN 82JQ00F3RM 82JQ00F4RM 82JQ00F5IX 82JQ00F6SB 82JQ00F7SB 82JQ00F8RA 82JQ00FHHH 82JQ00FJMJ 82JQ00FKMJ 82JQ00FLMJ 82JQ00FMMJ 82JQ00FNMX 82JQ00FPMX 82JQ00FQMX 82JQ00FRMX 82JQ00FSMX 82JQ00FTFQ 82JQ00FUTA 82JQ00FYHV 82JQ00G1GE 82JQ00G5HH 82JQ00G6TA 82JQ00G7TA 82JQ00G8TA 82JQ00G9TA 82JQ00GAHH 82JQ00GBTW 82JQ00GCTW 82JQ00GDTW 82JQ00GETW 82JQ00GHHH 82JQ00GJHH 82JQ00GKHH 82JQ00GLHH 82JQ00HVMZ 82JQ00HWLM 82JQ00HXCL 82JQ00HYAR 82JQ00J1RM 82JQ00QWAX 82JQ00R1SB 82JQ00R2SB 82JQ00R3SB 82JQ00RXCY 82JQ00S9MX 82JQ00SDKR 82JQ00SFKR 82JQ00SLAU 82JQ00SPRM

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16ITH6H-82JD:

82JD0001US 82JD0002US 82JD0003US 82JD0004US 82JD0005US 82JD000AFR 82JD000BFR 82JD000DRK 82JD000ERK 82JD000FRK 82JD000GRK 82JD000HSB 82JD000JSB 82JD000KRK 82JD000LRK 82JD000MRU 82JD000NRU 82JD000PRU 82JD000QRU 82JD000RRK 82JD000SRK 82JD000TGE 82JD000UGE 82JD000VRM 82JD000WRM 82JD000YSC 82JD0010SC 82JD0011HH 82JD0012HH 82JD0013RM 82JD0014GM 82JD0017GM 82JD0018ID 82JD0019YA 82JD001AYA 82JD001BYA 82JD001CYA 82JD001DUK 82JD001EUK 82JD001FRK 82JD001GRK 82JD001HRK 82JD001JKR 82JD001KKR 82JD001LKR 82JD001MKR 82JD001NRK 82JD001PFR 82JD001QSB 82JD001RSB 82JD001SSB 82JD001TSB 82JD001USB 82JD001VSB 82JD001WSB 82JD001XSB 82JD001YTW 82JD0020TW 82JD0021TW 82JD0022TW 82JD0023TW 82JD0024TW 82JD0025TW 82JD0026TW 82JD0027MX 82JD0028MX 82JD002ATX 82JD002BMJ 82JD002CMJ 82JD002DMJ 82JD002EMJ 82JD002FMJ 82JD002GMJ 82JD002HMJ 82JD002JMJ 82JD002KIX 82JD002MCK 82JD002NTA 82JD002PTA 82JD002QTA 82JD002RTA 82JD002STA 82JD002TTA 82JD002UTA 82JD002VTA 82JD002XIX 82JD002YCY 82JD0031AU 82JD0033KR 82JD0034KR 82JD0035KR 82JD0036KR 82JD0037KR 82JD0038KR 82JD0039KR 82JD003AKR 82JD003BKR 82JD003CKR 82JD003DKR 82JD003EKR 82JD003FKR 82JD003GKR 82JD003HKR 82JD003JKR 82JD003KHH 82JD003LHH 82JD003MHH 82JD003NHH 82JD003PHH 82JD003QHH 82JD003RHH 82JD003SHH 82JD003TRK 82JD003URK 82JD003VPH 82JD003WAX 82JD003XAX 82JD003YPB 82JD0040PB 82JD0041PB 82JD0042PB 82JD0043PB 82JD0044PB 82JD0045VN 82JD0046VN 82JD0048AD 82JD0049AD 82JD004AAD 82JD004BIX 82JD004CIX 82JD004DMH 82JD004FMH 82JD004GMH 82JD004JMB 82JD004KBM 82JD004LBM 82JD004MBM 82JD004NBM 82JD004PBM 82JD004QRK 82JD004RRK 82JD004SAU 82JD004TAU 82JD004UMH 82JD004VMH 82JD004WSA 82JD004XSA 82JD004YSP 82JD0050PG 82JD0051CK 82JD0052TA 82JD0053ED 82JD0054ED 82JD0055MJ 82JD0056AK 82JD0057MH 82JD0058MH 82JD0059MH 82JD005AMH 82JD005BMB 82JD005CMB 82JD005DMB 82JD005EMB 82JD005GIN 82JD005HIN 82JD005JAU 82JD005MYA 82JD005NRK 82JD005PID 82JD005QIX 82JD005RIN 82JD005SRM 82JD005TIX 82JD005UMJ 82JD005VJP 82JD005WJP 82JD0064HH 82JD0065MH 82JD0066MH 82JD0067MH 82JD0068MH 82JD0069MB 82JD006AMB 82JD006BMB 82JD006CMB 82JD006DMX 82JD006EMX 82JD006FMJ 82JD006GTA 82JD006HHV 82JD006JGE 82JD006KMH 82JD006LMH 82JD006MMB 82JD006NMB 82JD006RIV 82JD006SMJ 82JD006XIV 82JD006YIV 82JD0071IV 82JD0073IV 82JD0075IV 82JD0077IV 82JD0079IV 82JD007AIV 82JD007DIV 82JD007FIV 82JD007GIV 82JD007MSC 82JD007NSC 82JD007UKR 82JD008LFR 82JD0091RK 82JD009DKR 82JD009RKR 82JD009SKR 82JD009TKR 82JD009XKR 82JD00A2KR 82JD00A5KR 82JD00AKKR 82JD00B4MB 82JD00B9CY 82JD00BGKR 82JD00BHKR 82JD00BMFR

Lenovo Legion 7 16ACHg6-82N6:

82N60000AR 82N60001AR 82N60005BM 82N60006BM 82N60007BM 82N60008BM 82N60009BM 82N6000ARK 82N6000BRK 82N6000CRU 82N6000DRU 82N6000ERU 82N6000FRU 82N6000GRK 82N6000HRK 82N6000JRK 82N6000KFR 82N6000MHH 82N6000NHH 82N6000PUK 82N6000QUK 82N6000RUK 82N6000SUK 82N6000TSB 82N6000USB 82N6000VSB 82N6000WAU 82N6000XAU 82N6000YTA 82N60010CK 82N60011CK 82N60012CK 82N60013CK 82N60014SB 82N60015SB 82N60017SB 82N60018SB 82N6001BSB 82N6001ESB 82N6001FSB 82N6001GID 82N6001HID 82N6001JID 82N6001KRU 82N6001LRK 82N6001MRK 82N6001NRU 82N6001PUK 82N6001QMX 82N6001RHH 82N6002JTA 82N6001SHH 82N6001THH 82N6001UHH 82N6001VHH 82N6001WHH 82N6001XHH 82N6001YHH 82N60020HH 82N60021HH 82N60022HH 82N60023HH 82N60026MJ 82N60027MJ 82N60028MJ 82N6002AMJ 82N6002CMJ 82N6002DMJ 82N6002EMX 82N6002FTA 82N6002GTA 82N6002HTA 82N6002KTA 82N6002LTA 82N6002MTA 82N6002NTA 82N6002PTA 82N6002QTA 82N6002RTA 82N6002STA 82N6002TMJ 82N60045RM 82N6002UTW 82N6002VTW 82N6002WTW 82N6002XTW 82N6002YTW 82N60030TW 82N60031TW 82N60032TW 82N60033TW 82N60034TW 82N60035TW 82N60036TW 82N60037VN 82N60038VN 82N60039VN 82N6003AKR 82N6003BKR 82N6003CKR 82N6003DKR 82N6003EKR 82N6003FKR 82N6003GKR 82N6003HKR 82N6003JKR 82N6003KKR 82N6003LKR 82N6003MKR 82N6003NMJ 82N6003PMJ 82N6003QMJ 82N6003SMJ 82N6003TMJ 82N6003UMJ 82N6003VMJ 82N6003WMJ 82N6003XMJ 82N6003YMJ 82N60040MJ 82N60041MZ 82N60042MZ 82N60047RM 82N60048CK 82N60049TX 82N6004AMX 82N6004BMX 82N6004CGE 82N6004DGE 82N6004EGE 82N6004FGM 82N6004GGM 82N6004HGM 82N6004JIN 82N6004KSP 82N6004MSP 82N6004NPG 82N6004PPG 82N6004QUS 82N6004RUS 82N6004SPG 82N6004THH 82N6004UHH 82N6004VMX 82N6004WMX 82N6004YPG 82N60050PG 82N60051PH 82N60052PH 82N60053MX 82N60054TA 82N60055MJ 82N60056SB 82N60057SB 82N60058SB 82N60059SB 82N6005ASB 82N6005BSB 82N6005CSB 82N6005DSB 82N6005ESB 82N6005FSB 82N6005GSB 82N6005HSB 82N6005JMX 82N6005MAU 82N6005NCY 82N6005PCY 82N6005QMZ 82N6005RGE 82N6005SMH 82N6005TMH 82N6005VMH 82N6005WMB 82N6005XMB 82N6005YMB 82N60060MB 82N60061MH 82N60062MH 82N60063MH 82N60064MH 82N60065MB 82N60066MB 82N60067MB 82N60068MB 82N60069GE 82N6006AMZ 82N6006BMZ 82N6006CSP 82N6006EJP 82N6006GJP 82N6006HJP 82N6006JJP 82N6006KJP 82N6006LJP 82N6006MMH 82N6006NMH 82N6006PGE 82N6006QJP 82N6006RJP 82N6006UAD 82N6006VAD 82N6006WED 82N6006XED 82N6006YED 82N60070GE 82N60071GE 82N60072KR 82N60073KR 82N60074KR 82N60075KR 82N60076PB 82N60077PB 82N60078PB 82N60079PB 82N6007APB 82N6007BPB 82N6007CPB 82N6007DPB 82N6007EPB 82N6007FPB 82N6007GAR 82N6007HCL 82N6007JLM 82N6007KAR 82N6007LCL 82N6007MLM 82N6007NHH 82N6007PUK 82N6007QUS 82N6007RUS 82N6007XAX 82N6007SMZ 82N6007TMZ 82N6007UJP 82N6007VUS 82N6007WAX 82N6007YAX 82N60080FE 82N60081FE 82N60082FE 82N60084FE 82N60085FE 82N60086FE 82N60087FE 82N60088AK 82N6008AUS 82N6008BHH 82N6008CIN 82N6008DHH 82N6008EFR 82N6008FGE 82N6008HFR 82N6008JGE 82N6008KGE 82N6008LSA 82N6008MSB 82N6008NSB 82N6008PSB 82N6008QSB 82N6008RJP 82N6008SJP 82N6008TJP 82N6008UJP 82N6008VJP 82N6008WJP 82N6008XJP 82N6008YMX 82N60090LM 82N60091GE 82N60092GE 82N60093KR 82N60094KR 82N60095KR 82N60096GE 82N60098GE 82N60099GE 82N6009AMX 82N6009BMX 82N6009CRM 82N6009DRM 82N6009ERM 82N6009FRM 82N6009GHV 82N6009HHV 82N6009JHV 82N6009KGM 82N6009LCK 82N6009NTW 82N6009PYA 82N6009QYA 82N6009RYA 82N6009SID 82N6009TID 82N6009UID 82N6009VSC 82N6009WSC 82N6009XSC 82N600A0SC 82N600A1SC 82N600A2FQ 82N600A3FQ 82N600A4TX 82N600A5TW 82N600A6LT 82N600A7LT 82N600A8SC 82N600A9RE 82N600ABCL 82N600ADIX 82N600AEIX 82N600AFFG 82N600AGFG 82N600AHFG 82N600AJFG 82N600AKFG 82N600ALFG 82N600AMFG 82N600ANFG 82N600APSB 82N600AQSB 82N600ARSB 82N600ASPG 82N600ATPG 82N600AUHH 82N600AVHH 82N600AWHH 82N600AXHH 82N600AYHH 82N600B0HH 82N600B1HH 82N600B2HH 82N600B3HH 82N600B4HH 82N600B5HH 82N600B6HH 82N600B7TW 82N600B8TW 82N600B9TW 82N600BATW 82N600BBTW 82N600BCTW 82N600BDTW 82N600BETW 82N600BFTW 82N600BGTW 82N600BHTW 82N600BJTW 82N600BKTA 82N600BLTA 82N600BMTA 82N600BNTA 82N600BPTA 82N600BQTA 82N600BRTA 82N600BSTA 82N600BTTA 82N600BUTA 82N600BVTA 82N600BWTA 82N600BXMJ 82N600BYMJ 82N600C0MJ 82N600C1MJ 82N600C2MJ 82N600C3MJ 82N600C4MJ 82N600C5MJ 82N600C6MJ 82N600C7MJ 82N600C8MJ 82N600C9MJ 82N600CAPG 82N600CBPG 82N600CCSB 82N600CDSB 82N600CESB 82N600CFSB 82N600CGSB 82N600CHSB 82N600CJSB 82N600CKSB 82N600CLSB 82N600CMSB 82N600CNSB 82N600CPRU 82N600CQIX 82N600CRSA 82N600CSMJ 82N600CTMJ 82N600CVFR 82N600CXIV 82N600CYHH 82N600D0AX 82N600D2ED 82N600D3ED 82N600D4ED 82N600D5HV 82N600D6BM 82N600D7BM 82N600D8HV 82N600D9SB 82N600DAAX 82N600DGAK 82N600DHBM 82N600DKTW 82N600DLMJ 82N600DMIX 82N600DNIX 82N600DWHH 82N600DXHH 82N600E1MX 82N600E2MX 82N600E3MX 82N600E5FQ 82N600F2MZ 82N600F3MZ 82N600F4MZ 82N600F5LM 82N600F6CL 82N600F7AR 82N600H3MJ 82N600H4MJ 82N600H5AU 82N600NDHH 82N600NJHH 82N600NKKR 82N600NNKR 82N600NQKR 82N600NVHH 82N600NWHH

Lenovo Legion 7 16ITHg6-82K6:

82K60000US 82K60001US 82K60002US 82K60003US 82K60004US 82K60006US 82K6000ASB 82K6000BRU 82K6000CRU 82K6000DRU 82K6000ERK 82K6000FRK 82K6000GRK 82K6000KMX 82K6000LRM 82K6000MRM 82K6000NHV 82K6000PHV 82K6000QSC 82K6000UGM 82K6000VCK 82K6000XYA 82K6000YYA 82K60010YA 82K60011UK 82K60012UK 82K60013UK 82K60014SC 82K60015SC 82K60016SC 82K60017SC 82K60018AD 82K60019AD 82K6001AAD 82K6001BKR 82K6001CKR 82K6001DUS 82K6001EIX 82K6001FIX 82K6001GIX 82K6001HIX 82K6001JRK 82K6001KRK 82K6001LHH 82K6001MMX 82K6001NUE 82K6001PTX 82K6001QTX 82K6001RTX 82K6001SFR 82K6001TFR 82K6001UFR 82K6001VFR 82K6001WFR 82K6001YFR 82K60020RE 82K60021AU 82K60022IX 82K60023IX 82K60024RK 82K60025FE 82K60026FE 82K60027FE 82K60028FE 82K6002EFE 82K60029FE 82K6002AFE 82K6002BFE 82K6002CFE 82K6002DFE 82K6002FFE 82K6002GVN 82K6002HRK 82K6002JFE 82K6002KFG 82K6002LFG 82K6002MFG 82K6002NFG 82K6002PFG 82K6002QFG 82K6002RFG 82K6002SFG 82K6002TFG 82K6002UFG 82K6002VFG 82K6002WUE 82K6002YSB 82K60030AX 82K60031AX 82K60034RK 82K60035RK 82K60036AX 82K60037SA 82K60039CK 82K6003ACL 82K6003EIX 82K6003FED 82K6003GED 82K6003HSP 82K6003JMH 82K6003KMH 82K6003LMH 82K6003MMB 82K6003NMB 82K6003PMB 82K6003RKR 82K6003SKR 82K6003TKR 82K6003UKR 82K6003VKR 82K6003WSB 82K6003XSP 82K60040MZ 82K60041BM 82K60042BM 82K60043BM 82K60044IN 82K60045AK 82K60046BM 82K60047IV 82K60048IV 82K60049IV 82K6004AIV 82K6004BIV 82K6004EIV 82K6004GIV 82K6004HIV 82K6004JIV 82K6004LSB 82K6004MIX 82K6004NIX 82K6004PIX 82K6004QIX 82K6004RHH 82K6004STA 82K6004TTW 82K6004UMJ 82K6004VHH 82K6004WHH 82K6004XSB 82K6004YHH 82K60050HH 82K60051HH 82K60052HH 82K60053TW 82K60054TW 82K60055TW 82K60056TW 82K60057TA 82K60058TA 82K60059TA 82K6005ATA 82K6005BMJ 82K6005CMJ 82K6005DMJ 82K6005EMJ 82K6005FSB 82K6005GSB 82K6005HSB 82K6005JSB 82K6005TID 82K6005UMJ 82K6005VMH 82K6005WMH 82K6005XMH 82K6005YMB 82K60060MB 82K60061MB 82K60062MX 82K60063MX 82K60064MX 82K60065MJ 82K60066HV 82K6006ARK 82K6006BHH 82K6006CSB 82K6006FRK 82K6006GSB 82K6006KLM 82K6006LAR 82K6006MCL 82K60076RK 82K60077RK 82K60078RU 82K60093HH 82K60096AX 82K6009HKR 82K6009JMX

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122 reviews for Lenovo 300W 20V 15A AC Adapter Charger – Slim USB Tip-Yellow

1-20 of 122 reviews
  1. AM

    In a terrible accident, my laptop charger got shredded while we were trying to move a heavy tabletop across the room. My laptop charger, the sole fallen soldier was laid to rest. Alas, I needed a replacement and I bought this charger. Honestly, it’s exactly the same as my old charger that came with my laptop. I’ve been using it for months now and I haven’t have any problems; it’s a terrific replacement.

  2. HM

    I lost my charger for my laptop and I needed a new one asap because I need my laptop for school. I found this one which is a reasonable price. It charges my laptop with no problems. It seems pretty durable. And came with a variety of sizes. So far so good.

  3. AH

    Great product and good buy.

  4. MW

    The second order of 80 adapters came on time. Thank you!

  5. JH

    I am so happy I finally got this charger. If you ever get your battery run down and have trouble charging, don’t spend years “baby-ing” your old charger by trying to change walls to plug into. This is what was recommended and worked for a time – but totally miserable. This charger worked quickly and made me so happy!! This is a good product. Get a new battery at the same time if you are worried.

  6. MH

    Really liked it was the correct adapter according to their description. Arrived super fast. Works great!

  7. JS

    Our computer was dying and we were afraid we’d have to buy a new one. Turns out it was the cord. This adapter was an instant fix and a savings of several hundred dollars.

  8. SC

    Arrived precisely on time. Item was in excellent condition upon arrival–plastic wrapped and pristine. The item is compatible with my computer. Charges my computer swiftly and the computer retains the charge. Highly recommended as a replacement charger!

  9. TN

    I called around to find a charger and the other one I found was almost twice the price of this one and were the same!!! Works great !!!

  10. JP

    I got this to replace the original cable, which frayed at the end which connects to the laptop. I was a little worried that this replacement would not work as well, however it’s great.

  11. KG

    This was exactly what I needed to replace an older charge cord with a broken end. Shipping was timely and it appears to be the real thing.

  12. NM

    Bought this for my husband who was sick of packing up his laptop cord every week to leave on the road for work. One for travel and one for home. Very nice.

  13. EP

    Searched many replacements for my laptop and found many that would work and less expensive BUT this by far is the best one! Great quality, looks very durable, and I prefer the way this charger is designed when I compare it to others. Sure I could purchase one less expensive (which I have in the past 6 months), and yep, it resulted in buying another due to is cheap quality. You really do get what you pay for. This charger is or at least looks to be a heavy duty one. The cord is heavy, the plug ins are designed to last, it look to be “quality”. Immediately began to work for my laptop upon plugging it in with NO error messages, no issues!

  14. JC

    I needed an extra charger for my laptop and this for sure came in clutch and works AMAZINGLY !!! Good quality and it charges my laptop pretty fast..faster than my original laptop charger!! This charger will most definitely become my primary charger that I use daily . I needed this badly since i bring my laptop everywhere and only had one charger & shipping was pretty fast as well ! Would definitely recommend anyone to purchase this..

  15. FS

    The power supply doesn’t run hot. Quality seems good

  16. FS

    This was used as a replacement AC adapter that the dog shredded. It worked exactly as I expected it to for an OEM replacement. I am satisfied.

  17. MC

    I bought a laptop at the beginning of the year, which I really enjoy. The company I work for is in a different state, and I travel there quite often. I bought this adapter to leave at my desk to reduce the weight of my laptop bag when I travel. It looks just like the original, the only difference is it is missing the velcro strap for the output cable.

  18. MB

    I bought this charger for a used laptop that had a charger that was problematic. I’m glad to see that purchasing this charger has enabled me to charge my battery. Product came quick and seems to be of high quality. Good price. I couldn’t review the durability because I’ve only been using it for a month, but regardless, great product.

  19. MC

    Day one so I don’t know about how it will perform with future use. Fit my laptop great and works perfect. Thank you.

  20. KA

    Ordered for my sons laptop as his dog had chewed two up. Arrived quickly and seems to do the job.

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