Original Lenovo 45W 20V 2.25A USB C AC Adapter Charger

For Lenovo ThinkPad L590 20Q7000VMC

(130 customer reviews)

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AC Power Input: 100-250V 50-60HZ

DC Output via USB-C: 20V@2.25A  5V@2A 9V@2A  15V@3A  45W Max

Warranty: 12 months

Package :

1 X AC-DC Adapter Brick

1 X AC Power Plug

The Lenovo 45W 20V 2.25A USB C AC Adapter Charger is specifically designed for Lenovo Laptops and other USB-C enabled devices, making it the perfect solution for efficient and quick charging. This charger is equipped with a powerful 45W output that ensures your device is charged in no time.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for Lenovo Laptops: This charger is specifically designed for Lenovo Laptops, ensuring the best possible charging experience.
  • 45W Output: With its powerful 45W output, you can quickly charge your Lenovo Laptop or other USB-C enabled devices.
  • USB-C Compatibility: The USB-C compatibility of this charger makes it the perfect solution for fast and efficient charging for all your USB-C enabled devices.
  • Compact Design: The compact design of this charger makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, making it the perfect solution for work or travel.

This Lenovo 45W 20V 2.25A USB C AC Adapter Charger is the ideal solution for anyone looking to charge their Lenovo Laptop or other USB-C enabled devices quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, you can rest assured that your device will be fully charged in no time. So, don’t wait, get your hands on this charger today and never worry about a dead battery again!

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130 reviews for Original Lenovo 45W 20V 2.25A USB C AC Adapter Charger

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  1. RH

    I needed a second AC adapter for my laptop when our ‘work from home’ guideline at work became a ‘work from home sometimes’ edict. Being lazy, I figured having one power brick (adapter) at home and another one at work would mean I’d not be lugging one around and crawling under my desk to get it running when I was there. It was a good choice and the one I ordered (twin of the one that came with my laptop) was priced right and arrived early, so what’s not to like?

  2. CG

    Needed a spare one so I didn’t have to drag my charger from home to office and vice versa. Works great; no complaints. Reliable.

  3. AM

    In a terrible accident, my laptop charger got shredded while we were trying to move a heavy tabletop across the room. My laptop charger, the sole fallen soldier was laid to rest. Alas, I needed a replacement and I bought this charger. Honestly, it’s exactly the same as my old charger that came with my laptop. I’ve been using it for months now and I haven’t have any problems; it’s a terrific replacement.

  4. SK

    I have a laptop and have been lugging the original charger with me everywhere I go (home, office, travel) that I was afraid the original cable was going out. I purchased this one as a travel power supply and I am typically weary about purchasing chargers that are not from the manufacturer of the original device. However, from reading the good reviews I went ahead and purchased it. I am glad I purchased this charger because it came in a great little carrying case and includes the velcro ties around the cables for easy portability. Charger also works just like the original and half the price.

  5. JS

    Our computer was dying and we were afraid we’d have to buy a new one. Turns out it was the cord. This adapter was an instant fix and a savings of several hundred dollars.

  6. RR

    Exactly what I needed after my dog chewed my original charger.

  7. MF

    It’s nice to have a second power supply so I don’t have to get behind furniture and unplug it every time I want to take my laptop to a different floor of the house for more than a couple hours. It’s literally exactly the same as the cord that came with it.A bit pricey, but then again, I know it won’t melt my laptop or start a fire or something.

  8. DL

    I just received this product a few days ago and so far it is working out great. I am using it on my laptop. It was half the price of the one at a popular computer store. I am happy with it.

  9. MC

    Good product but a bit long delivery time.

  10. FH

    This charger both powers the laptop and charges (so far) its battery. Some chargers (like another one I previously tried) will power the laptop but not charge its battery. Some will charge the battery for some period of time and then stop charging the battery (although they continue to power the laptop). If this charger stops charging the battery like it is now, I will update this review.

  11. MT

    Good to have a second charger when you leave the original at home. Works well and inexpensive

  12. FH

    My original laptop adapter quit working and this is a great replacement.

  13. AB

    Original was stolen in a burglary, but the laptop was left behind. Go figure. This replacement charger works perfectly, just as the original did.

  14. JD

    Very happy with this purchase. I needed to replace the factory charger that came with my laptop after it shorted out, and this is the perfect replacement. It’s durable, and a great value for the money I paid for it. Definitely recommend!

  15. JB

    Replaced burnout old charger

  16. MK

    I dropped my computer and broke the metal portion inside the port where it connects to the computer. I couldn’t figure out what to buy, but I looked on the charger and it said, in very tiny letters, so I based my purchase on that model number. I couldn’t be happier. It arrived on time and works as well as the original. No issues with over-heating or poor charging. The cord is longer than the one that come from the factory.

  17. SC

    Arrived precisely on time. Item was in excellent condition upon arrival–plastic wrapped and pristine. The item is compatible with my computer. Charges my computer swiftly and the computer retains the charge. Highly recommended as a replacement charger!

  18. DT

    Exactly as the factory original.

  19. JG

    This adapter is exactly as advertised but a bit better. It is slim and lightweight. It was easy to install with no questions. It was easy easy and worked with no problems. The seller sent the adapter securely without question of it’s arriving safely and with all cables included and the transaction went smooth as silk. If only every purchase was this easy. I will buy from this dependable seller again.

  20. JW

    it is not easy to get the right power adapter. Searched by model number and finally got this one. It is solid and good.

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