Acer Laptop Computer PC MM.LU5SU.001 vs HP AL467US

Acer NX.G6TEX.009, it is a good laptop for working from home.

Dell X7014 AC Adapter Charger

 Dell X7014   AC Adapter Charger

We also recommend the Lenovo Laptop for business as below:
20RAS01L00 20N80082PB 20LB0005TX 20LB002RPG 20L7004YAT 20N30002EE 20NJ0012MX 20H90013** 20HN0066CX 20NM000HXS 81DE0201UK 81DE022PUK 81DM0062RU 81DM008SFR 81EV007ASP 81MU00BVIN 81W800EMRK 81C800F2MB 81B000MAFE 81AX0073AX 11DT0038MG 11A90009UK 11CK0045AX F0E9006GID 10TV003LEQ

Asus ADP-150CH B AC Adapter Charger

   Asus ADP-150CH B  AC Adapter Charger

The AC Adapter Charger is of good quality. The price is the best.

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