Acer Laptop Computer PC LU.SEW08.031 vs HP 1KU15UA

Acer NX.EFJEK.022, it is a good laptop for working from home.

Lenovo ThinkBook 13s-IWL 20R90055CK AC Adapter Charger

   Lenovo ThinkBook 13s-IWL 20R90055CK   AC Adapter Charger

We also recommend the Lenovo Laptop for business as below:
20RD0063RT 20KS004WFE 20R3000HMD 20Q5002HFR 20QN0064PG 20JS001FYA 20JS001FGB 20N2004CRT 20N2006BMX 20NK000JMS 20QKS1D600 20L90022MC 81G2001QID 81D6006RFG 81F501H2RK 81N500A1MB 81M0001RKR 81J200EMRK 81UV0034MX 81NB00G2RK 81EK0060AR 81HQ00L0YA 81HN00FCMS 81V5000AMH 81AX00Y0SP 81AX012PRU 20RD004TTX 11DT000MSA 11DT006MPS 11A9000BUC 90HU00HJRS 90H00000US F0E90077ID F0EA005ERI 10TV0023UK

Dell 0N81TG AC Adapter Charger

 Dell 0N81TG AC Adapter Charger

The AC Adapter Charger is of good quality. The price is the best.

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